Be Energized Podcast

Piecing together the enterprise architecture puzzle

October 26, 2020 Thorsten Heller
Be Energized Podcast
Piecing together the enterprise architecture puzzle
Show Notes

How do you transition to a next-gen enterprise architecture that enables data-driven innovation and operational excellence? Whether you are planning or executing transformative initiatives across energy services, grid analytics, application modernisation, or a 360 view of your utility, you need modern IT architectures that can simplify collaboration with market participants and accelerate time to market service innovation.

Innovate to prepare for the challenges and opportunities for today’s fast-changing energy sector and technology landscape.

In this podcast “Piecing together the enterprise architecture puzzle” you will learn actionable best practices from transformative industry-leaders and innovation frontrunners.

We have put together an e-zine with articles which speak to these questions. You can download the digital version of this collection by visiting to get more information on the build vs buy debate, understand the digital integration journey and how to simplify the IT/OT relationship.

Session highlights include:

  • Discover a blueprint and reference architecture for the digital utility that you can put into action right away.
  • Align next-generation architecture principles to your own business strategy.
  • Hear how leading utilities overcame key challenges managing huge amounts of energy data or integrate OT/IT and edge devices to create smart benefits.
  • Gain insight from other utilities and industries how those succeed with a multi-cloud strategy and understand their rationale behind their “make or buy” decisions.
  • Learn key benefits from use cases that generate value.
  • Listen to Greenbird and industry experts as they discuss utility data, building a blueprint architecture for the Utility 4.0 and how to extract value from it.
  • Learn how a data-driven culture can transition data from a troublesome challenge item to a strategic renewable resource that drives meaningful digital reinvention.

Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International

Speakers: Thorsten Heller, CEO | Greenbird; Klaus Wagner, IT Project Manager | Netze BW GmbH; Rinse Veltman, Director Solutions | Energyworx